Local NewsNew details revealed about Palm Reader’s alleged demon scheme

New details revealed about Palm Reader’s alleged demon scheme


A Somerset palm reader allegedly told a client that a demon was possessing her child and charged her over $71,000 to banish the demon. 

According to Boston.com, Tracey Milanovich, 37, the owner of Tracy’s Psychic Palm Reader, claimed that the girl “was dead in God’s eyes” and that she “had something inside of her that was bad.” This occurred during a November session. 

Milanovich is facing several criminal charges related to the alleged scheme. 

Somerset police Reserve Officer Lance Rhodes wrote in a report filed in Fall River District Court that, “She told (the woman) that she cannot speak to anyone regarding the demons or ‘bad things will happen.’” 

It was reported that over a few weeks, Milanovich requested and received payments to help cleanse the client’s daughter of the demon. Three of those payments were around $20,000. 

The “very spiritual” mother stopped paying and went to the police about what happening after telling her husband. The investigation launched on Dec.17, Boston.com reports. 

The original payment in November was $1,000 in cash. In the report, the payment went towards “Candle Lighting’ for the past, present, and future to keep her daughter … free from demons that are in her.” 

Within a few days, Milanovich claimed the girl’s demon had gotten worse, and it was reported that she requested two sets of bedsheets, nine towels, one jar of water, and 10 rolls of paper towels. 

It was reported that this was the first of many items Milanovich requested. Among other items, she asked the mother to bring a doll to transfer the demon to. It was reported that Milanovich told the victim that the higher quality the items, the better chance of helping her daughter’s condition. 

On Nov. 26, Milanovich allegedly told the mother that the $6,058 had only cleared half of the girl. It was reported that an additional payment of the same would rid her of the remaining demon spirit. 

Milanovich said she found a way to banish the demon and required $20,000 to handle it. Milanovich also asked for additional sums of $20,000 to continue her efforts. After payment was received, the daughter was finally clean. 

Despite Milanovich saying the daughter was clean, she requested $14,000 to create a protective block for the girl, which is when the mother approached the police about the incident. 

On Dec. 27, Milanovich was arrested on a warrant and was charged with one count of larceny over $1,200, one count of intimidation of a witness, and six counts of obtaining property over $250 by trick. 

According to records, she was arraigned Monday and released on personal recognizance. 

Milanovich said that she performed 10 telephone readings for the woman and five personal readings. She claimed she charged the woman no more than $1,000 in total. 

The pre-trial hearing is scheduled for Feb. 21.

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