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Summer heat…delayed but not denied

Summer heat…delayed but not denied

June 22nd in Boston felt more like a April 22nd in San Diego ( I was there back in April). No palm trees and no zoo but still great! Unless of course you prefer hot/humid air. In due time, that will happen.

Check out where the heat was today…

West! Normally, heat that close to New England would reach us within 24 hours but we have an unusual setup in the atmosphere…blocking High Pressure east of New England and that block (visualize a stone in a stream/river) is preventing a warm front from moving this way. No different tomorrow…

you can see the blocking High Pressure and the stuck warm front on the forecast surface map. That High Pressure does begin to drift southward by late week and into the weekend. When the High Pressure gets to the south of New England on Saturday, that will unleash the summertime heat upon New England:

Low 90s inbound to southern New England for both Saturday and Sunday. A sea breeze is likely both days so coastal cities & towns including Boston probably do not reach 90. The city has yet to reach 90 this year, a bit behind schedule as that normally happens by June first. Regardless, looks like a great summer weekend for the lakes, pools and of course, the beaches!

Ciao for now!