Home Local News <strong>The list of 50 Women Leaders in SaaS includes two female laureates from Boston</strong>

The list of 50 Women Leaders in SaaS includes two female laureates from Boston

<strong>The list of 50 Women Leaders in SaaS includes two female laureates from Boston</strong>

The Software Report has compiled a list of 50 women leaders who work in SaaS. The awardees include Robin Wadsworth and Jessica Bicknell, who are both Boston-affiliated.

Robin Wadsworth

Company: Thought Industries

Position: President

Robin Wadsworth has more than 25 years of rapid growth B2B technology, go-to-market and leadership experience as president of Thought Industries. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Thought Industries is the world’s leading provider of B2B customer training and external training platforms. The company supports the training business for companies ranging from mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, helping them change the way they build, deploy and scale profitable global online training operations.

Wadsworth focuses on the entire customer lifecycle and aligning go-to-market features with the business plan. Prior to joining Thought Industries, she held sales leadership positions at PROS, where she was instrumental in creating a global cross-functional collaboration methodology, and at BlackLine, Inc. where she increased enterprise value more than 10-fold to more than $2.5. billion during her tenure.

Jessica Bicknell 

Company: LinkSquares

Position: vice president of customer service

Jessica Bicknell is Vice President of Client Services at LinkSquares, a Boston-based company that has developed an artificial intelligence-based contract management platform favored by legal teams. With more than 20 years of leadership experience, Bicknell leads business transformation and process improvement efforts to improve the client journey, and she is responsible for ensuring LinkSquares’ client success throughout the post-sale lifecycle. In this capacity, she is responsible for shaping gross and net retention strategies, optimizing implementation processes to maximize payback time and leading a fast-growing customer experience organization.After spending 15 years in advertising technology, Bicknell switched to the SaaS world and hasn’t looked back. She was at the root of B2B SaaS marketing and has held leadership positions heading up client and operations teams at several organizations, including Sakon and Semcasting. Most notably, she served as COO at String Automotive, a business intelligence solution acquired by Experian in 2017. Bicknell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, philosophy and religion from Colgate University.


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