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Urus puts family luxury on Lamborghini’s map


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Lamborghini, welcome to Grasso’s Garage!

In the context of superior automobiles, Ferrari and Lamborghini seem to always rise to the top of mind. Their Italian automobile excellence paired with consumer longevity runs deep in the automobile world, while some think that they price themselves right out of the real world. With their recently released Urus, that ideology has changed.

The Urus, a superior family luxury SUV boasts tremendous accoutrements, unbelievable power and the exterior and interior that you would only dream of. We took off to upstate New York and enjoyed the Catskill Mountains and everything they had to offer. While the mountainous terrain was calm, the hills and sights were perfect. In the Urus, it was that much better. It boasts four-seater SUV superiority, with a five-seat option, which is all the craze as rear seat comfort is truly an item of concern. We loved the four-seat option and really enjoyed the extra comfort.

Wrapped in Grigio Telesto, or the most beautiful gray color Grasso’s Garage has witnessed, is absolutely superb. With an array of other color options, this one is clearly a frontrunner in our book. Riding on 21-inch wide wheels and tires brought the overall stance you can only ask for.

Using center console controls, you can change your drive-modes, exhaust noise, throttle response and suspension stiffness. Although the Lamborghini Urus has Audi RSQ8 exterior similarities, it is a real head-turner.

On the inside, we notice more excellence as Lamborghini has really outdone itself. Interior usability was really “Audi-like” with nice Italian features such a center console controls, on/off switch and an easy-to-use touch screen climate control center. In a beautiful blue leather interior, heaven was not far away!

“The Lamborghini brand has undergone some serious changes recently,” said Lamborghini’s CEO, Stephan Winklemann, in an exclusive interview at the NY Auto Show. “As the CEO of Lamborghini, our number one focus is evolving into the future of the hybrid and EV market while still maintaining what Lamborghini is known for and what consumers enjoy. The appearance, brand exclusivity and consumer knowledge is very important to our future.”

Clearly, Lamborghini is a phenomenal automotive brand and the Urus is a great SUV. Its body curvatures, stance, presence and appearance set it apart from the rest while competition really doesn’t exist. I absolutely adore the Urus and am thrilled Lamborghini let us enjoy it for a weekend test. If superiority is your dream and exclusivity is your wish, the Urus is a perfect match for your next SUV or collection.

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Lamborghini Urus

MSRP: $218,233

As tested: $287,280

MPG: 12 city, 17 highway, 15.4 as tested