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Polestar 2 is EV paradise


The time has come and electric vehicles are here. What better way to start than with Polestar, Volvo’s EV offering?

There is no secret that EV is going to take over the world of vehicles as we know it. As a huge proponent of gas powered vehicles with big horsepower and tons of comfort, my slight edge might have just changed.

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My passion for Volvo is no secret either, it is hands down the most appreciated vehicle in Grasso’s Garage. From comfort, price, appearance, power, etc., it just really suits a lot of needs and wants for consumers today. But, let’s throw the EV into the Volvo mix and Polestar was born.

With up to 270 miles on a single charge, our Polestar 2 was front wheel drive, and offered a zero-to-60 time in 7 seconds. The all-wheel drive option offered 243 miles on a single charge and was $4,000 more. At 231 horsepower and 243 lb.-ft. of torque, this roadworthy golf cart was really fun and in typical Volvo style, ultra comfortable!

Obviously, finding a charging station is first of mind as they are few and far between depending on the location you live in, but this is to be expected. For city dwellers, this is paradise. Driving a Volvo that is electric, and one can be charged while at work or in your garage, just gets me fired up!

The exterior looks very Volvo-like with limited emblems and avoids alpha-numeric lettering to keep the EV in real disguise, keeping the neighborhood guessing. But most importantly we notice that great Volvo comfort on the interior. While utilizing the iPad-like center stacked screen for usability and functionality, the Polestar 2 is a dream machine, powered by batteries. As the interior was plain and modern in appearance, it was really user friendly and basically a Volvo S60 without the four-cylinder powerplant and with less frills to stay within the desired price point. The exterior boasted 19” five V-spoked black diamond cut wheels giving it that modern but not futuristic flare. Unlike other EVs they look like a robot from outer space and don’t give that everyday appearance of cars on the road today, Polestar looks the part of cars on the road today and really boasts exceptional appearance.

In Grasso’s Garage, Volvo always surfaces as a contender in every class it competes in, and with Polestar in existence, the Volvo line just got deeper and the excitement just got thicker. If EV is your want, Polestar is certainly a top contender.

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Volvo Polestar

MSRP: $45,900

As tested: $48,400

MPG: 270 miles on a single charge