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Grasso’s Garage: BMW coupe is back with a new name … and much more fun


The small BMW coupe is no secret to consumers. While these smaller cars are as basic as entry level gets, BMW and Mercedes alike seem to always dabble in this market. I have always struggled to realize why they continue with it, but if it was for the price point, I must be missing something.

In typical manufacturer fashion, there’s a move where they say let’s get rid of something that was satisfactory at best in the sales department and remake it years later, but with a new name. Similar to the grocery store, same shelf space, new name, new skew and everyone flocks to try it out. Well, BMW, I caught you! Similar to the 1 series BMW coupe that entered the market in 2013 is now the redesigned 2 series. Showing small to moderate changes over the 1 series, the 2 series seems to be a partnership between the 3 series and discontinued 1 series. The real question … why?

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The 3 series clearly is BMW’s best-selling model in the fleet, and to produce something smaller offering a discount in price, seems to be unnecessary as consumers are happy with the 3 series. I know too many numbers to keep track, but stay with me. As the creator of the numeric model naming convention, BMW must know something I don’t know and they do! The 2 series, for a $5,000 base price reduction over the 3 series, really gives you the overall two-seater feel, but with small seats in the rear for when family comes to town for two weekends a year. This is perfect for the empty nester and retiree for when the kids are gone.

Our M240i xDrive tester came with all-wheel drive, an array of package upgrades and a sightseeing Thundernight Metallic paint that glistened its purple exterior really nicely.

Fun for everyone is the overall reason for the 2 series and to add to that, the 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine was really powerful. Add some M-series exterior flash and the grandish basics of BMW, and bammmm! The 2-series is here and here to stay. Remember the old 3-series hardtop convertible? This literally reminds me of the same styling, just in coupe-like curvatures.

Originally, the 1 series made no sense to me, and when I heard the 2 series was in transit for a Grasso’s Garage review, I was skeptical. But in typical BMW fashion, it was awesome, smooth, powerful and really a fun coupe to enjoy.

Grasso’s Garage is here for you! Are you in the market for a new car? I would be happy to provide my honest input. All you have to do is email me: [email protected].


BMW M240i

MSRP: $48,550

As tested: $59,645

MPG: 23 city, 32 highway, 27.4 as tested


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