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Halfway Point Of Summer


I often here the phrase around July 4th that Summer is Half Over! Technically, that’s not quite true. If you look at the halfway point between June 1st-August 31st (meteorological summer), you find that this weekend right here is the halfway point or in football terms….Halftime for summer…

C’mon Bill, work with me…I’m working on a Saturday night here.

OK, so the first half of summer in a nutshell is basically slightly warmer than normal and drier than normal (not top-10 dry tho)

And compared to last summer (at this time), not nearly as hot nor as wet. Granted we do need rain but I addressed that extensively in last night’s blog. Moving ahead, it does look like we do have our first real stretch of summertime heat & humidity inbound for much of next week as the jet stream buckles into a position to deliver the spice

90 degree heat…..something we haven’t seen much of so far this warm season. So far, through July 16th, we should have already had 5 days in the 90s but we’ve only had two days in the 90s for Boston

July, usually does produce most of our 90 degree days with August a close 2nd

Here are the forecast high temps for the next several days…

It looks like many cities & towns will have their first heat wave of the year next week (recall, heat wave means 3 consecutive days reaching 90 degrees).

The increasing heat and humidity also means a decent chance of some badly needed rain with Monday and Thursday offering the highest chance of afternoon showers and storms.

Enjoy the second half of summer….and your weekend too!


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